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Our Process

Standardized Tests

The most important thing to know about test preparation is that excelling on an exam takes more than just knowing the material, just like excelling at public speaking takes more than just knowing the right words.

Standardized tests and AP exams require test-taking skills, stamina, organization, and emotional strength as well knowledge of the material. And so our process teaches students all of these skills.

All of our tutoring is one-on-one. This approach eliminates the social pressures that often hold students back from admitting confusion or difficulty.

Treating Each Student as an Individual

Each student needs something different to be totally prepared for an exam. Some need to be pushed past self-limiting beliefs while others need support and anxiety relief. Understanding these differences lets us adapt our tutoring to meet each student’s best style of learning.

How we Begin

The tutoring process starts with a mock exam. This exam is hand-scored and analyzed by our Director of Education, who creates an assessment of strengths and weaknesses. This gives us extremely valuable feedback on where a student needs help and how they react to difficulty.

We follow this exam with a call to the parents to discuss the exam and get more feedback on the student: how do they learn best? Where have they struggled in the past, and do you know why?

From this conversation and the exam, we match your child with the tutor we feel will best connect with them.


Tutoring from Prestige Prep

Our tutors will thoroughly cover every topic your child needs for their exam. But that is only the beginning. Our tutors also handle the emotional and psychological sides of taking an exam. This means giving your child a system to follow when facing difficult or confusing questions, and it means exercises to build stamina and emotional strength. If there’s anxiety, we help students reframe it in a way that actually helps them excel.

Along the way, students take multiple mock exams to show that they have learned and can apply their knowledge.

As test day nears, we make sure your child knows everything they need for success, including what food to eat on test day and what to wear to the test center (spoiler alert: comfortable, layered clothing).

Our students enter their exams prepared and confident, and their scores reflect it.

For Parents

Standardized tests are tough on parents. There are so many crazy rumors about the test and school admissions; it’s a wonder anyone stays sane. We understand these pressures, because we’re parents, too. This is why we always keep parents informed as to how their child is doing and what they can do to help.

Though much depends on the specific parent-child relationship, there are simple steps parents can take to help their child improve and feel more comfortable. This area is so important, and so often neglected, that we’ve written a book about it: Test Prep Sanity: How to help your child excel on standardized tests without driving each other crazy. It covers:

  • How to talk about the test with your child
  • How to handle complaining
  • How to handle rumors
  • When and how to register
  • How to lower tension and create a home environment that helps your child on test day
  • and much more!

Each parent receives a copy of Test Prep Sanity at the beginning of tutoring.

Each student is also assigned a Case Manager, who is available for conversations with parents about their child, about tutoring, or about school and college admissions in general.

An Entire Process

Our tutoring is wildly successful because it covers every aspect of test preparation: materials, emotional strength, confidence and stamina. We have helped thousands of students get into the high schools and colleges of their dreams.

Contact us  and learn how we can help your child get the test scores needed to stand out from his or her peers.

To your child’s success!