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Any fool can know. The point is to understand.

We started working with our fourth-grade daughter on the ISEE, and within a week we knew we needed help. A friend suggested that we contact Phil from Prestige Prep, and he was immediately responsive, helpful, and reassuring. He dispatched Chris to our home. Chris is a friendly, calm and systematic tutor. He provided our daughter with key content and test-taking strategies — as well as a clear roadmap to get us through the weeks of prep. He is reliable, enjoyable and made test-prep so much easier. We’re all grateful to Chris and Phil for all their help!

Parent of Friends Seminary student

My daughter’s tutor from Prestige Prep was simply spectacular! He was knowledgeable, patient and able to assist my daughter in honing her skills and giving her the necessary tools to be confident in herself. Over a matter of weeks, her scores soared and she was thrilled. I would whole-heartedly recommend Prestige Prep to any of our friends or family.


Parent of Trevor Day student

We were referred to Prestige Prep by a friend to help our son Charlie study for the SHSAT. We started in 7th grade and had about 10 sessions with our tutor. We found our tutor to be very smart, prepared and thoughtful. Our tutor not only taught CHarlie everything he needed to know but also kept Charlie calm and confident throughout the process. Charlie ended up scoring a 600, which allowed him to go to any specialized school in the city including Stuyvesant. We highly recommend our tutor and Prestige Prep and feel that the tutoring really brought out the best in Charlie.

Rob and Melissa

Parents of 7th-grade SHSAT student

Our tutor was a perfect fit for not only our child, but our family as well. He was patient, attentive and made this process easier for all of us. The best part was how happy our child was with the results. Thank you!!

Parent of 8th-grade ISEE student

You have not only assisted in increasing my son’s SAT scores, but also boosted his confidence and almost made this fun!! We could not have done this without you.

Parent of Trevor Day SAT student

Our tutor was a ray of sunshine for our family. She brought enthusiasm and an energy that we all needed to get through this process. Now that we have made it through the high school application process, we will be calling on you to help us navigate the high school years!!

Parent of 8th-grade Allen-Stevenson student

We are lucky as parents to have found a tutoring company that not only knows the system, but has a pulse on the needs of their families. Throughout the past six months you not only prepared my son for the SAT, but instilled in him a confidence he was lacking.

Parent of 11th-grade Riverdale Country Day student

Thanks to Prestige Prep. I was able to significantly increase my SAT scores and was admitted to the college of my dreams. My tutor thoroughly covered test-taking strategy, reviewed concepts, and shared tricks that will help anybody score better on the SAT.


SAT student (from CT)

Thank you so much for your help throughout the whole college process. I got into my #1 school so you’re doing a great job. Honestly, I couldn’t have done it without you. You motivated me and pushed me to try my hardest. Thanks!

Student, Mamaroneck, NY

Thank you for guiding me through the admission process. You are always so full of vibrant ideas! Without you, this admission process would have been so confusing. I was so excited to receive my acceptance letters, and a lot of my happiness was directed toward you. Once again, thank you for all of your help.

Student, Basking Ridge, NJ

You were my saving grace during the college admissions process — the only person who I felt truly understood what I wanted. Thank you.

Student, Long Island, NY

Phil Cohen and his team at Prestige Prep have been an essential and truly meaningful part of our daughters’ lives throughout high school and beyond. Their individualized test prep, tutoring, and college guidance is absolutely top-tier. Equally important, Phil became a mentor to our girls — consistently available as a source of support during stressful moments and challenges that come with the high school years, including difficult decision-making and peer and family dynamics. Thank you Phil and Prestige Prep for helping us navigate the demands and deadlines, and also for sharing in the joys and moments of celebration.

BJ Topol

Phil Cohen and his team at Prestige Prep were invaluable to my three sons growing up in Manhattan. Whatever the boys needed help with–Latin, Mandarin, math, writing…Phil had an excellent tutor for us. In the rare instance that a tutor wasn’t the right fit, Phil found someone else right away. Prestige Prep was our “go to” throughout the boys’ school years!

Stacey Stanton