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About Us

With more than 20 years of experience, Prestige Prep is the premiere boutique NYC, tri-state, international, and virtual tutoring agency for academics and test prep. Our expert tutors prepare students to excel in school and on standardized tests through an approach that builds students’ confidence and intellectual curiosity. We keep parents informed at every stage of the process, so they feel confident that their children are on track for success.

Our students have gone on to the best high schools and colleges in the nation, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Williams, Amherst, Horace Mann, Dalton, Fieldston, Andover, Hotchkiss, and many more!

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Success in school or on a high-stakes exam or standardized test depends on more than just material and content. It requires strategies, organization, emotional strength, and stamina. We prepare our students for every aspect of their education journey. We use the latest advances in neuroscience, psychology, executive functioning, performance training, and even sales and marketing to make sure our students are confident and prepared. The result is wild success.

This success continues beyond grades and exam scores. The skills we teach students serve them in any challenge they face, whether it’s handling college or employment after graduation. Our teaching empowers students through bolstering self-confidence and developing the skills that will best prepare them to face life’s challenges.

This is what sets Prestige Prep apart from other tutoring companies.

We also believe in keeping all of our families informed about their children’s progress. We maintain a strong line of communication with parents, so they can relax knowing that their child is on track to excel.

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