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OUR LEADERSHIP TEAM is truly the tip of the Prestige Prep pyramid.

We encompass differentiated, unique backgrounds, providing a range of talent that possesses extensive experience working with children, building schools, and developing educational programs. We are leaders in our communities in business, philanthropy, education, and psychology.

Phil has dedicated his life’s work to children. He has spent more than 30 years mentoring, teaching, and building social and academic organizations. Through this vast experience, he honed his methodologies and approach to education: “Challenge students to push themselves, while building their confidence and sense of self.” To date, Phil has worked with thousands of students and families, creating and maintaining lasting relationships along the way.

The pursuit of knowledge and a love of education have been central to Phil’s life from an early age. Phil first cultivated the desire to share his knowledge in high school, as an assistant teacher in an after-school youth program and also as a Hebrew School teacher. While a student at the University of Wisconsin, he became a regional youth advisor in a community program and was a counselor at Camp Ramah Wisconsin Summer Camp. This passion for engaging kids, teaching, and youth activities, ultimately led to his career of working with children.

From 1994 to 1996, after leading a Wisconsin-based international summer program, Phil had the opportunity to become the National Director of a large international travel program for teens in NYC. He then worked, from 1996 to 2002, as the National Year-Round Director of an important youth organization, managing and overseeing 13 regional offices throughout the United States. During that period, he taught, guided, and cared for thousands of children who traveled internationally with the program; in addition, Phil managed the national educational programs for more than 10,000 youth.

In 2002, aiming to limit his travel, and focus his skillset on one community, Phil started the predecessor company to Prestige Prep, which focused on academics. Simultaneously, he attained his Master’s in Administration, with an emphasis on training and resource development, from the New School’s Milano School of Management. Today, our various educational programs employ more than 60+ full- and part-time team members who, together, serve as mentors, educators, and role models.

Phil lives in NYC with his wife and their two boys.

Thom’s first career led him down the path of business and finance, though his passion has always been to connect with people, problem solve, and ensure a better tomorrow.

Leveraging his 30-year background in the business world, Thom joined Prestige as Chairman to promote smooth growth, explore access to new technologies and methodologies, and bring Prestige Prep’s services to a broader marketplace. His roles have encompassed investment deal sourcing, M&A execution, portfolio management, sales and marketing management, corporate strategy, operations, and business development.

Thom’s career began in the technology industry, where, from 1987 to 1992, he led both Motorola’s and Unisys’ New York-based, financial services sales and marketing efforts. In 1994, Thom returned to school and received his MBA in finance and accounting from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. From 1996 to 1999, he worked at AIG and founded the AIG Risk Exchange, later becoming a principal in the investment group. From 1999 to 2003, he was a Partner and Managing Director at ComVest Venture Partners. Then, from 2004 to 2018, he was the founder and Managing Partner of Sigma Capital Partners, a middle-market private investment firm.

While managing Sigma, from 2010 to 2016, Thom was the Trustee of The Recanati-Kaplan Foundation, a multifaceted funder of conservation, medical research, scientific studies, education, community programming, and the arts. Currently, he serves on several charitable boards, all connected to the local community, children, and/or education: Madatech – Israel National Institute of Science and Technology; National Charter Schools – Hebrew Public; Park Avenue Synagogue; The Areivim Philanthropic Group; and Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake.

Thom lives in NYC with his wife and their two daughters.

Ilana has been with Prestige Prep since December of 2013. She is responsible for ensuring that all the employees of Prestige are equipped with the tools to support their students. She manages the schedules, billing, and priorities of 300+ tutors and students per year with meticulous attention to detail. In addition to her client-facing work, she supports the company’s marketing efforts and oversees its back office.

Prior to joining Prestige Prep, Ilana lent her organizational talents to the marketing and branding world, and briefly waded into the legal arena. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from New York University and a JD from Brooklyn Law School, and is a Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor.

Ilana lives in Brooklyn with her spousal equivalent and their miniature dachshund.

Loryn is our school placement specialist, dedicated to helping families navigate both the college admissions process and the NYC middle and high school admissions process. Loryn creates individualized roadmaps, which are designed to identify and emphasize students’ strengths, and are focused on the students’ unique interests and backgrounds. She then helps students identify educational settings that “fit” and works with applicants to achieve desired results. Students who have worked with Loryn have gained admission to top-tier schools and universities across the country and abroad. More significantly, these students are thriving in their placements. Loryn was an NCAA Division I recruited swimmer, and her familiarity with the NCAA recruiting process has also helped her guide student athletes through the college admissions process.

Some of the most recent collegiate admissions include: University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, SUNY Binghamton, Tulane University, George Washington University, Northeastern University, Washington University, University of Michigan, Tufts University, The Catholic University of America, University of Texas at Austin, New York University, University of North Carolina, University of Virginia, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Indiana University, University of Miami, Syracuse University, Macaulay Honors College, Lehigh University, Villanova University, Emory University, Occidental College, Amherst College, and Vanderbilt University.

Loryn started her career as a prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in a Trial Bureau. She moved on to become an attorney in the Special Investigations Bureau, conducting international narcotics investigations. Working in the Office of Special Narcotics, Loryn embraced the challenge and became the Director of the Manhattan Treatment Court, and worked as Senior Investigative Counsel for the Office.

Drawing on her undergraduate background in education and her legal expertise and litigation skills, Loryn has advocated for “gifted and talented education” programs to be mandated, and funded, in public schools. She has also assisted families in obtaining services for children with learning differences by helping to navigate NYC’s complex laws and procedures.

Loryn lives in NYC with her husband, three children, and a goldendoodle.

Sheila is the co-founder of Family Central, a NYC consultancy dedicated to helping families faced with challenging situations make the most educated decisions and find effective solutions. She is a licensed social worker with a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University, with an emphasis on mental health. She worked in the social work field in both London and NYC, doing post-graduate training at the Ackerman Institute for the Family.

After the diagnosis of one of her three children with a genetic disorder and learning disability, Sheila has experienced firsthand the complexities surrounding a medical and educational diagnosis. She is driven by her passion for the family and her desire to support families in general and those with special needs in particular.

Sheila is a Trustee of the Mary McDowell Friends School (a K-12 college preparatory school for students with learning disabilities), involved in The United Mitochondrial Foundation, and a member of the National Association of Social Workers. Sheila earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences at UC Berkeley, and, prior to going into social work, pursued an early career in design and architecture for ten years.

Sheila lives in NYC with her husband and their three children.

Ariadne is the co-founder of Family Central, a NYC consultancy dedicated to helping families faced with challenging situations make the most educated decisions and find effective solutions. Ariadne is a family therapist, consultant, and licensed social worker. She earned her MSW from the Hunter College School of Social Work, with a concentration in children, youth and families. Ariadne trained in both an early childhood setting and the Juilliard School. She received her specialized training in family therapy at the Ackerman Institute for the Family, working with couples and families in crisis.

As a result of Ariadne’s work with families facing challenges, she has experienced firsthand the transformative effects of a collaborative and supportive team approach, and the importance of focusing on a family’s dynamics. She has also specialized in working with adolescents and young adults developing their strengths, self-awareness, and sense of agency.

Ariadne is on the Steering Committee of the Women’s Health Symposium, Co-chair of the Advocacy Council of the Citizens Committee for Children, President and Trustee of The Train Foundation, and a member of the National Association of Social Workers. She earned her undergraduate degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University and had early careers in finance and journalism both in London and New York.

Ariadne lives in NYC with her husband and has three adult children.