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Partnership with the Hamptons Runner

Prestige Prep remains committed to supporting students who thrive in a virtual learning environment. We have partnered with the Hamptons Runner to offer our full suite of remote education services.

The Hamptons Runner is your on-demand concierge service in the Hamptons. They offer an array of service products including drivers for hire, event services, and car wash + detail, to name a few.

Whether you want to enjoy an evening wine tasting at Wöellfer estates, a bonfire on the beach, or a dinner party in the comfort of your own home, the Hamptons Runner is here to assist you.

Prestige Prep offers academic assessments, high school and college advising, tutoring, test prep, and mentorship. We have been developing online tools and programs for years now, and we can help you and your child make sense of it all and keep students on track and engaged. Whether it’s turning assignments in on time, managing schedules to complete independent work, or the general need for help with understanding a topic, we are here for you.

About The Hamptons Runner

Some of our tutors meet with their students exclusively online, utilizing the major online portals such as Google Docs/Classroom, Explain Everything, Zoom, and other applications, to offer learning experiences on par or even rivaling those that students receive in person.

Use the Hamptons Runner code: hamptonsrunner2020 to get a 10% discount on your online learning programs, tutoring, and homeschooling.