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November10, 2018
by Prestige Prep

Does the following sound familiar? Your child’s term paper is due in a week, so she spends six days procrastinating and worrying about her assignment. Finally, the night before the paper is due, she hurriedly writes an underdeveloped and sloppy paper that reinforces her dislike and fear of writing.

Most students dread writing. And they should: most are terrible at it. It’s not their fault: few students are ever taught how to write correctly, and even fewer are taught how to manage their time, and how to organize and develop their ideas into a coherent paper. As a result, each assignment is like a trip to the dentist.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If students just learn how to manage their time and divide the work into small, easy-to-handle assignments, they could handle writing with confidence and ease.

There’s a way to approach writing a paper that makes it straightforward and somewhat easy. Unfortunately, almost no one approaches it this way. But we can show you how. Our Writing tutoring is the best around, and with it, any student can learn:

1. How to manage her time and divide the tasks of writing into manageable bits
2. How to research effectively
3. How to organize and develop her thoughts
4. How to transfer those thoughts into a clear, convincing writing
5. How to use effective rhetorical strategies and writing techniques
6. How to edit, and when to ask for extra help

With these skills students will

7. Procrastinate less
8. Produce better papers that receive higher grades
9. Stop wasting time and energy dreading assignments
10. Be able to communicate clearly and effectively through writing

Writing well pays tremendous dividends not just in high school, but in college and long after. Call (800) 381-3266 to get your child to stop dreading writing to start producing clear and convincing papers that earn great grades.