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NYC Tutors

Who were your favorite teachers — the ones you worked hardest for? What were the qualities that set them apart from other teachers? The teachers who most motivated us were passionate about what they taught and that passion inspired us.

At Prestige Prep, we’ve studied what makes great tutors. We’ve found what it takes to move students past anxiety and self-limiting beliefs and give them the confidence and desire to succeed. Great tutors possess the following traits:

  • empathy
  • flexibility
  • passion
  • patience

With these traits, our tutors connect with and inspire their students to want to succeed. Our tutors understand their student’s world. They ask questions and provide a safe environment where students can admit where they need help and be open to learning.

Our tutors also keep strong lines of communication with parents, so everyone is clear how a student is performing and what needs to be done next.

There are a lot of smart people in New York City, but we are very selective of who we bring into our family. We have found great tutors, and we are confident that you and your child will agree.

To learn more about tutors and NYC tutoring programs, contact us today.