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June29, 2019
by Prestige Prep
To help you all get to know the Prestige Prep family, we will be featuring one of our wonderful tutors each month. 

For this inaugural edition, we’re thrilled to introduce Christopher Hanley!

Chris was born and raised in San Diego. He attended Harvard, graduating with a BA in combined History/Economics and Theatre studies. Midway through Junior year, he took a leave to assist in the production of the hit musical Spring Awakening which won the Tony in 2008. Prior to joining Prestige, Chris has worked as a teacher in China, a television producer in Los Angeles, and a freelance writer.
I asked Chris if there were any salient experiences from his 6+ years tutoring with Prestige Prep that exemplified his philosophy and approach to tutoring. He recalled his work with “Jack,” a student he’d worked on writing with for years. When Jack first met Chris, he simply could not lay out a cohesive argument or analysis, both in his discussions or his writing. Over their years working together, Chris not only conveyed strategies for outlining–something Jack relies on as he’s continued his studies at University–but also got the opportunity to form a lasting mentor relationship which continues to this day.
On a recent trip home from college, Jack reached out to Chris to catch up. There, Jack noted some recent feedback he’d received on a paper: “Your sentence structure and writing fundamentals are the strongest in the class.” Chris noted this as his ideal for the tutor/mentor-student relationship. He loves the ability to maintain a connection with a student over time, then celebrating first hand when what he and students learn together keeps helping them succeed. 


Favorite music to work/study to – The “Dumb & Dumber” Soundtrack
Go-to brain food – “I should say Light Oats & Honey, but I’ll be honest and say Funyuns drizzled with lime and chili sauce.” 
Favorite High School Class – Video Production & History.
Currently reading – “The Anti-federalist Papers”
Subjects Covered – Math K-12 [Including Calculus], Biology through AP [Advanced Placement], Chemistry Through AP, Spanish through AP, English through AP, US History through AP, World History through AP, Government through AP, Economics through AP, European History through AP. Also highly experienced with SSAT/ISEE/ACT/SAT & SAT II Subject Test Prep.
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