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April9, 2021
by Prestige Prep

Hello Prestige Prep family! 

Long time no blog. 

We’d like to introduce Olive Wexler, our interim Social Media Director: 

Olive joined Prestige Prep as a tutor in October 2020, and has been working in education for 6+ years. When tutoring, she focuses on fostering positivity and self-confidence in her students, no matter what the subject. She utilizes her training in theater-oriented community building to create an effective partnership for learning. 

As the Social Media Director, she is hoping to incorporate the “tutor’s perspective” throughout our social platforms, and use her knowledge of education to give our parents and students an inside look at the Prestige Prep family.

All that is to say, that there’s a lot more exciting blog content soon: articles on learning strategies, study tips, and our new and improved blog series to connect you all to our amazing tutors: Tutor Talk. 

Watch this space for all this, and maybe some discount announcements, too!

As always, we are here to help, and to empower excellence. Click here to contact us, if your student is seeking individualized support.