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September27, 2018
by Prestige Prep

Congratulations everyone! By now everyone is out of the gate and charging ahead for an exciting new school year!

By paying attention to and addressing just a few key areas, you can insure a more positive outcome for your child’s school year. The first few weeks are vital towards making sure your student puts their best foot forward. Teachers are making their observations as to who is ready to do well and who may have problems down the line.

  1. If you haven’t yet, try to find a moment to sit down with your child and go over scheduling.
  2. Ask your child about their feelings toward their teachers: Are they understanding the material? Feeling engaged in their lectures? See if any red-flags of misunderstanding or fuzzy thinking emerge.
  3. Make time to talk to your son or daughter about the importance of good first impressions and cultivating congenial attitudes. A positive social demeanor acts as an investment against future obstacles should they arise
  4. Identify signs of early struggle. These first few weeks will set the standards upon which teachers will build their lessons throughout the year, so if your child seems to be struggling already it might be a good to get some extra help now instead of playing catch-up later.

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