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Materials are very important, and ours are excellent. But as anyone who’s performed under pressure can tell you, success on a high-stakes exam or standardized test depends on more than just materials. It requires test-taking skills, organization, emotional strength, and stamina.

We prepare our students for every aspect of taking a test. We use the latest advances in neuroscience, psychology, performance training, even sales and marketing to make sure our students enter their exams confident and prepared. The result is wild success.

And this success continues beyond exams. The skills we teach students help them in any challenge they face, whether it’s handling college or applying for a job after graduation. Our teaching changes the way students think of themselves and the way they approach difficulty. This is what sets Prestige Prep apart from other NYC tutoring centers.

We also believe in keeping all of our families informed about their child’s progress. We maintain a strong line of communication with parents, so they can relax in knowing their child is on track to excel.

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