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NYC Educational Concierge Program

Whether you’re a veteran to New York City private schools or new to the process, they can be intimidating. What courses should my child take? What if we need additional support? Am I missing something important?

With these questions comes anxiety. So how do you stay on top of everything and avoid transferring that anxiety to your child?

We have been helping parents navigate NYC private schools for over 20 years. We can help you with all your school-related issues, including:

  • Creating an academic road map
  • Helping you set expectations and goals in a language your child can understand
  • Creating systems to ensure your child’s course work gets done
  • Working with your family and your child’s teachers if your child is struggling
  • Providing consultation and recommendations if a child needs testing for learning issues
  • Being a sounding board for any issue you’re facing

We will give you the ease and confidence that comes from knowing that you’re putting your child in the best possible position for success. Call us now at (800) 381-3266 to see how we can help.