MSC's Education Initiative

To support teams and players, MSC has teamed up with Prestige Prep as a chosen academic partner. Founded in 2002, Prestige Prep is a premier provider of supplemental education services, tutoring, and mentorship. 

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Working together to help athletes succeed both on and off the field.

Scholastic demands on NYC-area students are extensive. An additional athletic commitment increases the need to be organized, efficient, and focused. Prestige Prep's individualized methodologies are designed to give students the strength, confidence, and stamina they need to succeed. 

Prestige Prep offers academic assessments, High School & College advisory services, tutoring, test prep, and mentorship. 

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MSC families receive preferred pricing on all of Prestige Prep's supplemental academic services.

Give Back to MSC

5% of revenues received from MSC families are donated to support the club's development.

Support Scholar Athletes

Prestige Prep provides MSC's financial aid recipients with test prep and high school admissions guidance.

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The YSF Scholars Program

Through a charitable program funded by Yours in Soccer Foundation, Prestige Prep works with and advises MSC's qualified financial aid recipients as they apply to NYC High Schools. The inaugural YSF Scholars Class began in Fall 2018, with Prestige Prep hosting a series of seminars and workshops to help parents and students understand the application process, build a list of schools, and submit supplementary application materials. Prestige advisors also guided students through NYC's High School fairs and a private tour of a leading public High School. Prestige Prep and MSC are actively working together to address further areas of academic need for scholarship athletes. 

About Prestige Prep

Founded in 2002 by Phil Cohen, Prestige Prep is one of NYC’s leading supplemental educational services and tutoring centers, dedicated to creating better learners. While we excel in academic teaching, and in preparing our students to succeed on standardized tests, we also pride ourselves as mentors and role models for our students. Our mentors teach students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders in their communities. The primary programs and services offered by Prestige Prep are: academic tutoring for all subjects, “Test Prep”, including: ELA/Math, ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, ACT, SAT & Subject Tests, diagnostic exams, and academic, high school & college admissions counseling. In 2018, 2017 and 2016, Prestige Prep was identified as one of the top 20 “Best Math Tutors in NYC”, by Expertise, LLC, from a field of 2,042 tutoring firms.  

Prestige Prep students have been accepted to, or matriculated at, some of the best high schools and colleges in the nation, including: Bronx High School of Science, Stuyvesant High School, Brooklyn Technical High School, Laguardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, Hunter College High School, Horace Mann, Dalton, Trinity, Collegiate, Spence, Nightingale-Bamford, Andover, Hotchkiss, Lawrenceville, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, University of Virginia, Johns Hopkins University, Villanova University, Syracuse University, University of Texas at Austin, UC Berkeley, Stanford, University of Michigan, Princeton, Williams, and Amherst.

About MSC

Manhattan Soccer Club is the largest and most comprehensive soccer club in New York City, offering all levels of development and competition from ages 3 to 23. We serve more than 800 families each year, who come from all five boroughs of NYC. Every training session is run by licensed, professional coaches who follow a curriculum that develops both the player and the person. Through their dedication to mastering the sport of soccer, our players not only learn to love the “beautiful game;” they also build strength and stamina, self-esteem, and sportsmanship.

Starting at ages 3-5 with our Development Academy, MSC has a professionally developed curriculum designed to teach the skills eventually needed to play at the highest levels, taught by soccer professionals in age-appropriate ways. They play fall and spring outdoor seasons, futsal in the winter, and pick-up and league soccer during the summer. The goal is long-term development and nurturing love for the game; winning matches is the eventual byproduct, not the focus.  

Our home fields are state-of-the-art turf and grass fields on the newly renovated complex at Randall's Island, now one of the most spectacular soccer venues in the country. In addition to Randall's, our teams practice in Central Park, Riverside Park, Chelsea Waterside Park, Pier 40, and Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. In the winter months, we train mostly in Manhattan, at City College facilities and contracted school gymnasiums.

About YSF

The Yours in Soccer Foundation (YSF) is a nonprofit corporation, founded in 2014, whose mission is to empower exceptional scholar athletes from underserved communities by leveraging the potential of sports to realize their college dreams.  

Many talented and intelligent scholar athletes dream about pursuing college soccer, but are not aware of the academic standards to do so as they begin their high school career. All too often, athletes who have potential to play in college are left behind because they never receive the proper guidance regarding the collegiate academic standards.... or, when they do, it's too late.  

Per the NCAA, less than five percent of high school athletes go on to compete in college. This is often due to the highly competitive and complexity of the recruitment process, which all scholar athletes seeking college placement must aggressively navigate. YSF is committed to bridging the gap between those scholar athletes who have access to the necessary resources and support to seek college placement, and those who don't.  

Yours in Soccer works with other entities that are mission aligned to identify scholar athletes who have a strong academic record early in their high school careers. YSF's mission is to collaborate with established soccer associations and clubs, high school scholarship programs and other public charities to offer more opportunities for deserving and talented college prospects to reach their potential. YSF advises scholar athletes on how to showcase their athletic and academic abilities to college coaches and admissions personnel. Finally, by introducing scholar athletes to the importance of sports AND academics before they begin the college admissions process, they will be more likely to maximize their potential.

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