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August14, 2018
by Prestige Prep

Happy August! We hope you’re all looking forward to family vacations, the last of the summer blockbusters, and the return of low humidity.

If you’re a parent with a college-bound son or daughter, remember, the most important thing is to make sure these last few weeks are full of fun and happy family moments. Make a home-cooked meal or go to your favorite museum, sporting event or other activity. Remind them how proud you are and how home is always just a phone call away.

This can be a scary time, especially for students traveling out of state. Make sure you discuss finances, personal responsibility, and make sure they know they have a strong support system in place in case they encounter the unexpected. Think back to your days at this age; including confrontations with alcohol or other substances, relationships, loves, and how these can start affecting choices in ways that most high-schoolers haven’t yet encountered.

Freshman year of college can be full of surprises that can stymie initial academic achievement. It is important that your son or daughter knows how to get ahead of problems and confront them quickly, as sometimes an unexpected low grade can lead freshman to feel out of place or doubt their merit.

It’s important that college freshmen know they have a strong support network to reach out to with whatever problem they have, no matter how small. And, that it’s better to talk it out and plan how to make it better than let things get out of hand for want of revealing weakness.

Congratulations to all post-high school graduates. Get ready to have the time of your life!

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