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December10, 2018
by Prestige Prep

Most students know that standardized tests are very important. But they also think the tests are stupid. Both beliefs are true. These tests are stupid and important, and sometimes you have to do stupid things to get what you want.

I’m a football fan and I hate the Green Bay Packers. They’re the rivals of my Chicago Bears, and to make it worse, most of my close friends are huge Packer fans. That said, I would wear a Packers’ jersey and hat for a month straight in return for a glowing review of Prestige Prep in the New York Times. Wearing enemy gear would be a worthwhile price to pay for something I want.

Your child wants to get into a good college or high school. Studying for a stupid test is a worthwhile price to pay.

I’ve found that admitting the stupidity of the test gets students to study more, and it stops a lot of the complaining. And I only have to say it once. I rarely have to bring it up again.

When you talk to your child about standardized tests, be honest: the tests are stupid, but they are important. Call us now at (800) 381-3266 or visit our website to learn more about motivating your child to study and how best to approach standardized tests.