Accessible Options for Alternative Education


The quality of a child’s education is informed by the principles which shape the curriculum and execution that drive it. Many private and public schools foster engaging environments and avenues that promote self-confidence, hope, and vision in today’s youth. For regularly schooled pupils, tutoring serves as a useful and often vital routine, supporting and embellishing a teacher’s coursework and values. Due to a variety of factors, traditional learning isn’t for everyone. Prestige Prep offers to elementary, middle, and high school-aged clients a home school option that is thoughtfully curated and imbued with the same principles which render any standard learning environment effective. For those who elect to explore it, home schooling can provide valuable opportunity for development and the breeding of self-esteem in a uniquely intimate setting.

Prestige Prep is fueled by founder & CEO Phil Cohen’s dedication to excellence in the educational space. Cohen prioritizes delivery of premium academic support in the supplemental and home school contexts. The agency’s sterling reputation and high success rate in the New York metropolitan area is informed by 20 years of experience in the tutoring arena. The Prestige team prizes due diligence, targeted pairing of tutor and pupil, personalized curricula design, and comprehensive bundling of resources for the most rewarding scholastic and social benefits.

Once a family works with Prestige, it typically remains with us due to the care and sophistication that we endeavor to supply, and which competitive academic growth requires. Whether a home school client prefers to carry out specialized learning or transition into a school system, Prestige commits to the trajectory of its home school clients and sees them through high school with steady educational and administrative guidance. We offer regular consultation to buttress our supervised programs, so that clients always feel taken care of and in the know.

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