Graduate-Level Testing

Meet Dr. Nathan Hurwitz, the Guru of Graduate School Entrance Exams.

Gymnast Simone Biles, swimmer Michael Phelps, and sprinter Usain Bolt are the top athletes in their events in the world today. They got there through rigorous training, careful analysis of their practice sessions, and guidance from great coaches.

Graduate school exams are competitive events—you want to optimize your score to be in the highest percentile, ahead of the pack. Unlike an athlete, you are not bound by the limitations of your physical prowess; but like an athlete, you need effective training, monitored practice, and a coach who will keep you on track to compete at the highest levels.

I am Dr. Nathan Hurwitz, "the Guru of Graduate School Exams," and I can help you reach your academic goals. I am a tenured university professor—with degrees from NYU, Northwestern, and the University of Pittsburgh—who works with students worldwide, helping them achieve their academic dreams. I begin by working with you to create a study plan, which I will help you maintain. Then, through our regularly scheduled meetings, I will become your tutor, guide, cheering section, conscience, and coach.

The stress and anxiety of preparing for the graduate school entrance exams—the GRE, LSAT, GMAT, and MCAT—cause too many angst-filled days and sleepless nights. These exams loom over many students as if they should already be lawyers, doctors, or MBAs—not true! These tests are merely predictors of how well you will do in graduate school, each in its specialized field.

All four of these exams test the same skills: reading, critical thinking, problem-solving, and writing; they test for these skills differently, using different subject matter. Remember these important points:

  • You can improve all of these skills. I can work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in reading, critical thinking, problem-solving, and writing, and help to build you up, working on them from weakest to strongest.
  • Improvement comes with guided practice. Repeating endless practice exams will not gain you substantial improvement. Only analyzing each practice exam carefully and understanding why each wrong answer was wrong helps identify the mistake and minimize the chance of making it again.
  • Area-specific knowledge (like the sciences required for the MCAT) can be taught, and skills (like solving logic games for the LSAT) can be developed. Identifying specific gaps in knowledge or skills allows us to target our training and work more effectively.
  • Excelling on each of these exams requires understanding the design and scoring of each exam and developing tactics for optimizing your score. Most people interested in graduate school exams are familiar with the SAT and ACT exams. Like those exams, the GRE, LSAT, GMAT, and MCAT each have their own unique tips and tricks. By teaching you the tips and tricks of taking your exam, I can help you improve your score and improve your test-taking time management.

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