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August10, 2021
by Prestige Prep

Hello everyone, and thanks for tuning in to another short segment about learning here on the Prestige Prep blog! Today, as you might have guessed from our Instagram post (or our title!) we are talking about another facet of Executive Function, namely, emotion. Here at Prestige Prep, we believe understanding emotion is a vital part of understanding learning and bolstering skills for our kids. As we go into this new school year, understanding the way emotions and learning can intertwine is maybe the most important it has ever been. 


If stress, tears, anger, or even fear are a regular part of schoolwork, you might want to think about Emotional Executive Function skills, and how they can help boost your kid’s learning and confidence this coming year. The main way that we can help kids through their big feelings about learning is by helping them recognize and regulate their emotions. 


Recognizing your emotions might seem simple, but have you ever felt a sort of malaise, and then had to spend a lot of time uncovering the reason why? Our kids have the same problem, but often, their feelings front (appear to us) as something else, because they have a hard time realizing what the feeling is inside of them, and end up snapping, crying, or shutting down. Teaching kids to identify their feelings as they are feeling them is a great first step to building executive function skills. 


Regulating emotion is something that is difficult for people of all ages, but there’s no better place/time than school-work to practice. Often, when kids get an assignment that is less than ideal, and it brings up emotion, they don’t realize that they have the power to choose and control their responses, and this year, emotional responses won’t only come from assignments, but also from the difficulties of returning to school, readjusting to rules as they change and working on learning no matter what. 


To help kids work on their emotional functioning try:


  1. Talking about/identifying feelings often.


When you make a conscious effort to teach your kids how to understand their emotions as they happen, it leads to less emotional explosions.


  1. Give them a little rest

Breaks can be very effective during school or recreational activities, to let your kids proces the way they are feeling and cool down from the stress and difficulty of what they are working on.


  1. Get some outside help

At Prestige, we are uniquely situated to help kids navigate the difficulties of emotions while they learn, and using a tutor doesn’t only help skills, it helps parents maintain a family dynamic without having to worry about pushing their kids through their emotions and their learning. If you are thinking that your learner might need help adjusting or managing the way they feel about the upcoming school year, don’t forget that we are always at your disposal.