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April28, 2015
by Elie Venezky

Commentary by Elie Venezky, Co-founder Prestige Prep, and Co-creator +1Math App
High school should be a time of social, emotional and intellectual growth for students. This is the time when most students begin to figure out who they are in relation to the world. It’s not easy, and guidance is necessary. But most teenagers aren’t getting this social and emotional guidance, because our schools, and our society, have changed this time into a period of manic fact-accumulation.

Students are taking five or six AP classes, then coming home from school to four hours of homework a night. They’re not sleeping enough; many aren’t eating right, and they’re stressed out. And for what? All this extra work is not preparing students for the realities of life after college. And in some cases, it’s leading to overload and students who can not handle the anxiety and don’t have the tools to seek help. In the following article, we see an extreme consequence of this system.

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